To efficiently horizontally wind and unwind heavy cables and ropes in particular, an electrically driven horizontal rotary platform is the ideal solution. This construct is frequently used in, for example, the steel cable industry, the shipping industry and in the offshore sector. The coiled cable can simply be removed from the rotary platform with a forklift truck.

Because the horizontal winding machine does not have a length measuring device, the rotary platform can also accommodate cables with loops, chains, hooks and connecting points. Venrooy Cable Equipment’s horizontal rotary platforms are made of steel and are finished with a coating or are treated to prevent rust formation. This makes the horizontal rotary platform perfectly suitable for outside use as well.

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Selection Tool

If you have a need for a winding machine to quickly and efficiently wind your cables, Venrooy Cable Equipment is the right place for you! But how do you know which machine is best for your company? To help you take a first step in the selection process, Venrooy Cable Equipment has developed a handy Selection Tool.

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