If you have a fairly regular – but not very frequent – need for rolling up cable, rope or steel wire, a mobile manual winding machine may well be an interesting option for you. A simple machine like this requires relatively little investment and is often used in, for example, small-scale warehouses and by electrical engineering firms. Manual winding machines are well-suited for winding various types of cable up to a maximum weight of 200 kg. The length depends on the size of the ring drum and the cable’s diameter. A drum can of course accommodate a greater thin cable length compared to a thick cable. The sturdy drums of a manual winding machine are made of metal and can optionally be equipped with a length measuring device and/or a cable cutter.

A manual winding machine provides you with a useful and durable solution that enables you to quickly and efficiently wind cables and, if applicable, measure and cut the cable. This allows you to save on costly labour and time! Venrooy has manual winding machines in stock. This means you can immediately get down to work.

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Selection Tool

If you have a need for a winding machine to quickly and efficiently wind your cables, Venrooy Cable Equipment is the right place for you! But how do you know which machine is best for your company? To help you take a first step in the selection process, Venrooy Cable Equipment has developed a handy Selection Tool.

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