Cable drum trailer ZW-1300R-3500R

The ZW-1300R-3500R cable drum trailer series offers contemporary, sustainable cable drum trailers with CE Marking for slow traffic. The trailers are low-maintenance and enable you to work safer, easier and faster. The gross load carrying capacity of these trailers varies from 13 to 35 tonnes. The dimensions of these cable drum trailers can be adjusted to the drum dimensions. This type of cable drum trailer is a tandem axle with an air brake system with handbrake. The trailer has a manually-operated central hydraulic lifting system and a hinged drawbar for easy trailer coupling. The trailer can be supplied with a removable central section to adjust the trailer width. The ZW-15 or ZW-35 hydraulic rewinding machine for unwinding and rewinding can also be fitted to this cable drum trailer. It is possible to have the frame blasted or metallised.


  • 1. Better efficiency: Lowering investment needs longterm, low maintenance
  • 2. More functionality: Loads of features for safer, easier, faster working
  • 3. Modern presentation: For those taking the lead in their market