Length measuring device VEN-ST

The VEN-ST series of length measuring devices are specially designed for measuring steel wire. Various configurations are available for measuring various diameters of wire and cable: 3 to 40 millimetres, 12 to 52 millimetres and 52 to 104 millimetres. The analogue counter displays the length in metres and centimetres and has a measuring range of 9,999.9 m. The steel measuring wheel, with knurled surface, has a circumference of 1,000 millimetres. The five flat under rollers are in a fixed position. Four diabolic upper rollers, operated via a single lever, exert pressure on the cable. All the guide rollers are made of high-quality steel. Optionally, the devices can be mounted on a fixed or mobile base and, if required, can be calibrated and provided with a Dutch, English and German calibration certificate.


  • Specially suitable for measuring steel wire
  • Various ranges :
    – type VEN-ST 40; 3—40mm
    – type VEN-ST 52; 12—52mm
    – type VEN-ST 104; 52—104mm
  • Analogue counter M-410 :
    – Range up to 9.999,9 meter
    – Indication in meter en centimeter
    – Zero adjustment by a lever
  • Steel measuring wheel with a circumfence of 1.000mm with knurled surface
  • Five flat underrollers in fixed position
  • Pressing system : four diabolic (V shape) upperrollers,simultaneously movable up/down by one lever
  • Guide and carrying rollers on the in– and outgoing side
  • All rollers made from top quality steel


  • Mounted on fixed or mobile foot
  • Calibration, incl. English certificate