Length measuring device VEN-DT

The VEN-DT is a very accurate length measuring device for measuring electrical cables, ropes and tubes with a diameter of 5 to 65 millimetres. The measuring wheel has a smooth, plastic Hytrel surface that rests on the material to be measured with minimal pressure. The device has four sets of guide rollers: two in front of and two behind the measuring wheel. These self-centring vertical guide rollers are easy to operate via a single hand wheel. Optionally, the VEN-DT can be fitted with a pulse generator with a digital counter, which can be used to preset the length to be measured. Optional: the VEN-DT can also be calibrated (including calibration certificate in Dutch, English and German).


  • Very accurate length measuring device
  • Measuring range 5—65 mm
  • Measuring wheel with a plain synthetic hytrel surface; which rests on the cable with light pressure
  • 4 sets guidance rollers, 2 before and 2 after the measuring wheel
  • Self-centring vertical guidance rollers, operation through one hand wheel


  • Calibration
  • Electrical pulse generator with digital counter NE-134 (for pre-setting length)