Length measuring device VEN-SM

The VEN-SM is suitable for measuring cables, ropes and hoses. If desired, it can also be adapted to measure steel wire. The device has a cable passage of 55, 65, 85, 100 or 120 millimetres and has a 1-metre guiding section. The measuring wheel has a knurled surface to ensure that the cable remains secure. The guide rollers on the input and output sides are adjustable. The analogue counter has a measuring range of 9,999.9 m; measurements are displayed in metres and centimetres. If desired, the device can be fitted with an extra heavy-duty and extended detachable counterweight. The VEN-SM can be mounted on a fixed or mobile base (fixed or rotatable). Calibration of the VEN-SM is optional (including calibration certificate in Dutch, English and German).


  • Suitable for measuring cable, rope, flexible hose
  • Cable passage: 55, 65, 85, 100 or 120 mm
  • measuring wheel (upper roller) with knurled surface
  • Adjustable guide and carrying rollers on the in- and out-going side
  • Analogue counter M-410: – Range 9.999,9 metres / – Indication in meter an centimetre / – Zero adjustment by a lever
  • All rotating parts bearing
  • guiding section of 1 m


  • suitable for steel rope
  • extra heavy, longer and removable contra-weight
  • Mounted on fixed or mobile foot (fixed or swivelled)
  • Calibration, incl. English certificate
  • Built-on cable cutter