Cable stockings

Large assortment of cable stockings for various cable diameters incl. open cable stockings with lace.


Cable pulling grips, thick wire (Ø 3,7 mm) for cable Ø 50—130 mm
Lengtes 1—2—3—4—6—8—10 meter
Cable pulling grips, thin wire (Ø 2,5 mm) For cable Ø 25—50 mm
Lengtes 1—1,5—3—4—6 meter

Open cable pulling grips with lace wire
Lengths with thin wire (Ø 2,5 mm) : 1,5 meter
Lengths with thick wire (Ø 3,7 mm) : 1,5—2—4—6—10 meter

Cable pulling grips 8 –strings
Lengths with thin wire (Ø2,5 mm) : 3 and 4 meter


Different specifications, such as a wider range, double pulling eyes, open head, stainless steel instead of galvanised wire rope