Hydraulic rewinding machine ZW-7-35

The ZW-7-35 is a hydraulic rewinding machine with CE Marking developed especially for the ZW(V) cable drum trailer series. This machine has a telescopic frame and is built onto the cable drum trailer. The ZW-7-35 has a compact hydro unit with petrol engine. The drum is driven via solid, width-adjustable drive wheels that are pressed against the drum flanges. The machine offers stepless speed control and the bidirectional drive wheel enables the machine to be used for unwinding and rewinding. The ZW-7-35 can be blasted and metallised and can be supplied with a cover if required.


  • With telescopic frame, built onto the carrier in a detachable position
  • Quickly removable by application of the quick-action couplings
  • Compact hydro-unit with Hatz Silentpack diesel engine
  • Hydraulic transmission
  • Drum drive by means of solid driving wheels, adjustable in width and pressed against the drum flanges (fine adjustment by rattle key and screw spindle; underframe provided with coarse adjustment)
  • Stepless speed control
  • Two directions of rotation i.e. winding and unwinding
  • Easy, user friendly operation
  • Colour finishing according to client demands
  • CE- marking


  • Protective cover
  • Blasting/metaliz