Do you know what we love the thought of?

Of the whole world being connected. Connected to a gigantic network.

And of the fact that you can essentially reduce that network to a single element: the cable. Just as cables are made of interwoven steel, plastic or cord, we ourselves in turn are interwoven with cables.

We are Venrooy Cable Equipment.

We don’t produce cables, we make them easy to use. We design, produce, supply and maintain machines which just make work easier within the cable processing industry.

How? By optimising processes designed to make the storage, handling, transporting and laying of all types of cable safer, more ergonomic and above all more efficient.

We have been doing all this since 1937, with an eye for detail, rock-solid materials and a healthy desire for innovation.

Do you want to ensure safe working conditions, regardless of whether the work is being carried out in a ditch, on a drilling rig or high above the ground? A machine that still looks like new – after a lick of paint – 30 years later? To look after your employees, to keep them from finding a job elsewhere because of back pains? To invest in quality as long as your investment pays for itself?

Then you want a Venrooy

Our story - Venrooy