Cable length measuring devices

Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to measure the length of your cables?
Then a Length measuring devices are the solution for you. This device, possibly in combination with a winding machine, will save you a lot of time and effort – and therefore also money! Even if you do not want to measure the length of cables all that frequently – but you do want to do so on a regular basis – a length measuring device could be an interesting option. The type of length measuring device that is most suitable for your company depends on the type of cable that you want to measure. Do you work with electrical cables, ropes or tubes? Or does your business mainly handle steel wire or steel cable? Whatever type of cable you want to measure – thick or thin, long or short – Venrooy Cable Equipment always has the right solution!

Do you frequently measure longer lengths of cable? Then it might be worth considering investing not only in a length measuring devices, but also in a winding machine. This way, you can neatly roll up your measured cables straight away and thereby save space in transport or storage, or deliver them to your customers in a convenient manner.

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