In practice, we often see safety being achieved at the expense of something else: workability, ease of use or efficiency, for example. Increasingly strict regulations constantly force every manufacturer to use more protective covers, fencing or two-hand operating systems.

It is the same for Venrooy. Our top priority is the safety of our cable equipment. Our second priority is workability. Our engineers are constantly striving to strike the right balance between the two. As a result, the machines that are created by our own production line comply with the very latest regulations, while remaining accessible and comfortable to use.


Once the foundations are rock-solid, innovation lies in the details. How can it be made more user-friendly? More ergonomic? More practical? Quicker? Safer? Quieter? More compact? More energy-efficient? More economical? These are issues which our engineers work on every day.

During the development and production of our cable equipment, we set ourselves just one goal: to devise the smartest solution for the cable industry. By following this philosophy, we successfully continue to develop not only our machines but also ourselves.


Venrooy Cable Equipment is part of Kepser, a family-run business. Working together has a mutually reinforcing effect, enabling us to share technical knowledge, increase production capacity and raise the quality of our products to a higher level.

In addition, our ISO 9001-certified production process is quality-driven. That is reflected in the choice of materials, appropriate surface treatments and modern production and assembly techniques. That means that we comply with the FME machinery directive and we are authorised – if desired – to issue lifting certificates.


Venrooy cable equipment can help to significantly improve efficiency. For instance, our electronic systems have extremely user-friendly menus and you can carry out multiple actions using a single machine. Our compact racking systems enable you to make the best possible use of your valuable space. You can transport materials quicker and more easily. To put it simply: you can generally get more work done.

In times of shortage within the labour market, automation brings another benefit in terms of efficiency, freeing up your own workforce so that they can be deployed where they are needed. All that while the payback period of our durable machines remains a reliable factor.

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