Helped quickly

For many suppliers, the pond has become substantially bigger. New clients come knocking with one principal wish: to be helped quickly. That means keeping more stock. So you need someone who will help you make smart use of every square metre of space available. Venrooy will happily advise you on the possibilities for using your warehouse as efficiently as possible.

Smart warehouse solutions

Venrooy Cable Equipment supplies various modular and smart warehouse solutions for those (electrotechnical) wholesalers and suppliers, including drum racks, winding machines, unwinding devices and length measuring equipment. The cable of the future will be more innovative, smaller and also more fragile. Therefore the wholesaler of the future will choose Venrooy cable equipment.

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Would you like to find out more about our ideas on smart warehouse equipment? Then take a look at our products for wholesalers here or contact Venrooy for no-obligation advice.

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