Cable drum trailer LTV-R

The LTV-R is an extremely sturdy fast traffic cable drum trailer that is safe, efficient and easy to use, with a contemporary look that enhances your company’s progressive image. This cable drum trailer is available in various load carrying capacities (up to 2,720 kg) and has an extremely long service life. The LTV-R is finished as standard in anthracite and silver grey with a red axle. The struts can also be finished in your corporate colours. The cable drum trailer has a top opening rear bridge, advanced quick locks for the axle insertion block, front and rear side bars, smart axle locks and a compact suspension system.


  • An upside opening rear bridge (easier drum insertion)
  • Sophisticated quicklocks of axle-insertionblock (faster and easier, no loose rattling parts anymore)
  • Smart quicklocks for axle (faster and easier)
  • Side-bars front/rear (road safety, protection mudguards, easy & safe to reach high for Operator)
  • Compact, strongly improved springsystem
  • Key operated built-in cilinder in frame for document storage (locked, safe storage)
  • Drawbar lock (theft prevention)