A cable drum trailer: for efficient transport of cable drums and cable unwinding

A cable drum trailer: for efficient transport of cable drums and cable unwinding

If you work with cables a lot, it’s important that you handle these efficiently. A cable drum trailer could then be a wise investment for you. It offers time savings as well as being a labour-saving tool.

A cable trailer is primarily used to transport cable drums from A to B. But a cable trailer is also a handy and often even necessary tool to unwind cables quickly and easily, without demanding too much manpower.

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From A to B
When transporting your cable drums from your company to the site where the cables are to be used, such as a construction site or infrastructure project, you can do this various ways. Of course, you could decide to use a trailer or truck. But you’ll need a forklift or a truck-mounted forklift at both locations to lift the cable drums in and out of the trailer/truck. If you need to transport cable drums frequently, it may be interesting for you to invest in a cable trailer, which can be coupled easily to your towing commercial vehicle. And, if you choose a fast traffic cable trailer, you can drive this on the highway.

Unwinding cables
A cable trailer is also extremely handy on site when you need to use the cables. That’s because a cable drum trailer keeps the drum raised off the ground, enabling you to unwind the cable easily without too much manpower. You can unwind the cable by hand or use a cable winch. If you don’t have a cable trailer, a drum jack will often be needed to unwind the cable quickly and easily. If you go for the option of a cable rewinding machine you can also use the cable drum trailer to rewind the cables onto the drum. The cable rewinding machine operates hydraulically. This option is particularly interesting if you need to rewind cables regularly, for instance after temporary use on a construction site.

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Construction and infra
Cable drum trailers are mainly used by companies that work in construction or infrastructure, and are particularly used to transport and unwind fibre optic cables, electricity cables, high, medium and low voltage cables and flexible tubing. Cable drum trailers are, for example, used extensively in blowing fibre optic cables.

A cable trailer is also an efficient tool for pulling cables through underground trenches (for instance beneath roads). After drilling, the tube is attached to the drill, which then goes back through the borehole, after which the desired cable can be pulled through this tube.

Selection tool
Want to find out which cable trailer is suitable for your company? Then download the handy cable drum trailer selection tool. This will help you decide which cable trailer is best for you in a few simple steps. For instance, what is the weight and size of the drums that you want to place on the cable trailer? Do you only want to use the cable trailer for unwinding cables or also for rewinding? And do you want a fast traffic or slow traffic cable trailer? You can also get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities, free of obligations.

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