Buying a cable drum trailer: how high is the investment?

Buying a cable drum trailer: how high is the investment?
How much you invest in a cable drum trailer depends on various factors, particularly the choice of fast traffic or slow traffic, the dimensions and the trailer’s load carrying capacity. But how high is the investment for buying a cable drum trailer? In general, the larger and heavier the cable drum trailer, the higher the investment. And if you go for a fast traffic trailer you’ll, of course, need to dig a little deeper. That’s because these cable drum trailers need to comply with requirements set by RDW (National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority), including brake systems, under run bar, drawbar construction and lighting. Such an investment is interesting if your cable drum trailer needs to go by road a lot and cover long distances. As well as weight, dimensions and type, various other points also determine how much you need to invest.   Open cable drum trailer selection tool Frequency The more often you use the cable drum trailer, the more worthwhile the investment. If you only need a cable drum trailer every now and then, then buying one is possibly not really worth the investment. The alternative is to hire such a trailer, or use a van, truck or low-loader to transport the drum. You would then need to use a drum jack on site to unwind the cable. Note! If you don’t use a cable drum trailer, you’ll need a forklift to lift the drum in and out of the truck or low-loader and place it on the drum jack. Towing vehicle When purchasing a cable drum trailer, you should also consider what towing vehicle you have available. Is your current commercial vehicle permitted to tow the weight of the desired cable drum trailer, or will you need to purchase a new vehicle? Whether this is a worthwhile investment also again largely depends on the frequency with which you need the cable drum trailer. Customised A cable drum trailer is available in various standard models. If you require a cable drum trailer with specific dimensions or other special specifications, then this will of course also result in higher costs. The same applies if you want to have the trailer finished in your corporate colours. As well as the higher investment, a customised cable drum trailer also takes longer to be delivered. Cable drum trailer product catalog Options Each type of cable drum trailer can be equipped with additional options that of course also influence the purchase price. These include the following:
  • Equipped with a hydraulic cable rewinding machine for unwinding and rewinding the cable.
  • Additional rust protection via blasting and metallisation to extend the service life.
  • A finish in your corporate colours.
  • Removable central section to reduce the width of the cable drum trailer (for transportation).
  • Support brackets with an additional axle for positioning smaller drums.
  • Sidebars on the front of the trailer (for fast traffic cable drum trailers) to increase road user safety, prevent damage to the mudguards and as an easy footboard.
  • Drawbar lock to prevent theft.
Selection tool Want to find out which cable drum trailer is suitable for your company? Then download the handy cable drum trailer selection tool. This will help you decide which cable drum trailer is best for you in a few simple steps. For instance, what is the weight and size of the drums that you want to place on the cable drum trailer? Do you only want to use the cable drum trailer for unwinding cables or also for rewinding? And do you want a fast traffic or slow traffic cable drum trailer? You can also get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities, free of obligations. Open cable drum trailer selection tool Cable drum trailer product catalog