What is the best way to measure cables?

What is the best way to measure cables?
There are several ways to measure cables. The method you choose depends in particular on the length you need. There are numerous length measuring devices available on the market to quickly and efficiently measure the length of a cable. They are extremely accurate, provided that the measuring process is carried out properly. And yet, the most accurate way to measure is still by hand. This method is particularly suitable when the lengths to be measured are not too long, which means that the measurement process will not be too time‑consuming.

Yard stick

To quickly and accurately measure the lengths of (relatively thick) cables that are not too long, many companies still use the old-fashioned method: they roll out the cable over the ground, often in a U or V profile with clear measurement markings. This way, shipping companies, for example, can easily cut several sections of mooring rope to exactly the same length. To measure thinner cables – such as power cords and thin ropes – up to ten metres in length, you can simply use a yard stick or tape measure. Download length measuring device guide

Manual length measuring device

If you need to measure cables of lengths of up to 50 metres quite regularly, then a manual length measuring device is ideal. This type of length measuring device is quick and easy to use and is not very expensive. When measuring, you hold the device in one hand while smoothly pulling the cable over the measuring wheel with the other.

Measuring and winding

If you regularly need to measure longer lengths (more than 50 metres), it may be worthwhile purchasing a length measuring device in combination with a manual or electric winding machine. This will save you an enormous amount of time and effort. You will then be able to measure the cables and simultaneously wind them into a coil or onto a drum.

The measuring process

When using length measuring devices, you cannot simply assume that you will end up with a good measurement. You will only get an accurate measurement if the measuring process is performed correctly. It is essential that the cable is not pulled too quickly through the measuring device; the cable may slip over the measuring wheel, resulting in an incorrect measurement. You also need to make sure that the cable is straight as it is fed through the device, so that the measuring wheel makes good contact with the cable and the counter records the length correctly.

Selection tool

Want to find out which length measuring device is suitable for your company? Then download the handy length measuring device selection tool. This will help you to decide which device is best for you in three simple steps. You can also get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities, free of obligations. Download length measuring device guide