Hydraulic winding machine ZW-1.5

The ZW-1.5 is a hydraulic rewinding machine with CE Marking developed especially for the LTV-R cable drum trailer series. This machine is built onto the cable drum trailer. The ZW-1.5 has a compact hydro unit with petrol engine and is easy to operate. The drum is driven via one or two solid drive wheels that are pressed against the drum flange via a cylinder. The machine has stepless speed control. The drive wheel has two directions of rotation and can therefore be used for winding and unwinding. It is possible to have the ZW-1.5 blasted or metallised.


  • Fixed structure on the cable drum trailer LTV-R series
  • Compact hydro-unit with a combustion engine
  • Hydraulic transmission
  • Easy, user friendly operation
  • Drum drive by means of a single solid driving wheel, pressed against the drum flanges by a cylinder


  • Blasting/metalizing
  • Colour finishing according to client demands