Manual length measuring device

Why choose for Venrooy manual length measuring devices?

Do you want to measure cables that are no longer than 50 metres? And do these cables have a small diameter (no more than 35 millimetres)? Then it is likely that a manual length measuring device will do the job. A manual length measuring device is quick and simple to use and is relatively inexpensive. It is therefore extremely suitable for use in, for example, small warehouses and as a handy tool for electrical companies and DIY stores. A manual length measuring devices are a handy and durable solution for measuring cables quickly and efficiently. This allows you to save on costly labour and time! Even if you frequently need to measure relatively short cables, a manual device can be a suitable option, although a length measuring device in combination with a winding machine – depending on your needs – may also be an interesting alternative.

Venrooy stocks manual length measuring devices – so you can get measuring straightaway!