Manual length measuring device HK-18

The HK-18 is an easy to use tool for quickly measuring the length of wire and cables with a diameter of 3 to 18 millimetres. The aluminium measuring wheel has a circumference of 20 centimetres and has a knurled surface to prevent slippage. The analogue counter can be easily reset to zero via a lever and it has a measuring range of up to 999.9 m (displayed in metres and decimetres). It is a compact device (165 x 129 x 124 mm) that weighs 940 grams.


  • For cable, rope and flexible hoses from Ø 3—18 mm
  • Measuring range counter 999,9 meter, indication in meter en decimeter
  • Zero setting by a lever
  • Steel measuring wheel of 20 cm round knurled surface against slippage
  • Weight 940 gram
  • Dimensions 165 x 129 x 124 mm
  • Accuracy of ≤1%


  • Calibration certificate