Mobile cable reel rack VEN-MHS6

The mobile cable reel rack is an ideal product for the machine builder. This mobile rack is suitable for unwinding various small reels. The total load capacity of the mobile reel rack is 300 kg and the load capacity per axle is 50 kg. The rack is standard equipped with six reel shafts with locking flanges. Separate shafts with locking flanges are available from stock. Two sets of rollers can be mounted at the bottom for larger reels up to a maximum weight of 100 kg.


  • Load capacity rack: 300 kg
  • Load capacity per axle: 50 kg
  • Dimensions: width: 1269mm / depth: 605mm / height: 1568mm
  • Standard with 6 axles
  • Mounted 4 swivel wheels


  • Desk
  • Set of holders for accessories
  • Set of two rollers for placing a large reel at the bottom of the rack (maximum two sets)
  • Device with length measuring device
  • Extra shaft (s) with locking flanges to tension cardboard reels.