Cable drum trailer ZWV-X650/X850

The ZWV-X650/X850 is a cable drum trailer with independent suspension, CE Marking and is approved for fast traffic. The ZWV-X650 has a gross load carrying capacity of 6,500 kg and a net load carrying capacity of 5,000 kg. For the ZWV-X850 the gross load carrying capacity is 8,500 kg and the net load carrying capacity is approximately 6,000 kg. The cable drum trailer has a central hydraulic lifting system. The lowest insertion point of the axle is 1,600 mm, and the highest is 1,900 mm. The cable drum trailer width is 2,550 mm and the inner width is 1,670 mm. The air brake system is fitted with ABS. The trailer can be fitted with support brackets if desired, with an additional shaft for smaller drums. The ZW-7 hydraulic rewinding machine for unwinding and rewinding can be fitted to the cable drum trailer. It is possible to have the frame blasted or metallised.


  • Carrying capacity: ZWV-X650 gross 6.500 kg, net 5.000 kg / ZWV-X850 gross 8.500 kg, net 7.000 kg
  • Air-pressure braking system with anti-block braking system
  • Single axle
  • Central hydraulic lifting system
  • Width: inner 1.670 mm, outer 2.550 mm
  • Axle insertion points: lowest 1.600 mm, highest 1.900 mm
  • Height 2.550 mm, length 6.400 mm
  • Including: fenders, nose-wheel, lighting, wheel-blocks, drum axle with locking bushes and rear bridge
  • With CE- marking


  • Helping aid for pick up of smaller drums
  • Hydraulic (re) winding unit ZW-7 (connection on the central hydraulic lifting system, remote control on the back of the carrier)
  • Blasting/metalizing