Cable drum trailer advantages: labour-saving tool, considerable time savings and a professional image

Cable drum trailer advantages: labour-saving tool, considerable time savings and a professional image
Do you regularly need to transport and unwind cable drums on site? Then you’re guaranteed to really benefit from a cable drum trailer. You’ll be much more efficient with regard to time and labour and such a trailer really enhances your company’s professional image.   Of course, a cable trailer is an investment, but you’ll soon reap the benefits. That’s because using a cable trailer offers your company a huge number of advantages. In this blog we highlight the three most important plus points:
  • Time savings
  • Labour-saving tool
  • Professional image
Time savings If you need to transport a cable drum from A to B, the easiest way is to use a cable drum trailer. Placing the drum in the trailer is quick and easy, with the top opening rear bridge being a really handy plus. You can then transport the drum to the desired location. This will all take much more time if you don’t have a cable drum trailer. That’s because you’ll need to arrange a vehicle or truck for the transport and have a forklift available at points A and B, and you’ll also need to use a drum jack at the destination to unwind the cable. With a cable drum trailer, the drum is immediately ready for use and you can unwind the cable straight away. That saves you a lot of time. Open cable drum trailer selection tool Labour-saving tool The fact that the drum can stay on the cable drum trailer and is ready for immediate use makes these trailers labour-saving tools too. After all, the drum doesn’t need to be handled again at the destination; it doesn’t need to be moved from the van or truck onto a separate drum jack. With a cable trailer you can unwind the cable immediately and without much manpower. At the end of the works, you also don’t need to move the empty drum; you can simply transport it on the cable trailer to the desired location. If the cable needs to be rewound on the cable trailer after the works, this can be done easily using a hydraulic cable rewinding machine, which is available as an option. Cable drum trailer product catalog Professional image Of course, a cable trailer is mainly a functional tool, but it does also enhance your company’s professional image. It shows that you really value efficient business operations. This is important, as time is money both for you and for your client! As all the Venrooy cable trailers are spray painted as standard (in the standard anthracite, silver-grey and red colours), you’ll always stand out as a professional-looking company. You can also have the trailer finished in your own corporate colours, which will further enhance your company’s recognition and strengthen your corporate identity. Selection tool Want to find out which cable trailer is suitable for your company? Then download the handy cable drum trailer selection tool. This will help you decide which cable trailer is best for you in a few simple steps. For instance, what is the weight and size of the drums that you want to place on the cable trailer? Do you only want to use the cable trailer for unwinding cables or also for rewinding? And do you want a fast traffic or slow traffic cable drum trailer? You can also get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities, free of obligations. Open cable drum trailer selection tool Cable drum trailer product catalog