What is the most efficient way of winding and unwinding cables?

What is the most efficient way of winding and unwinding cables?
Naturally, you would like to wind and unwind your cables in the most efficient way possible. But how do you achieve this? No doubt you will not be surprised to read that the use of a winding machine is the logical answer to this question. But in addition to deploying a winding machine, there are other things you can do to do this as efficiently as possible. By making use of a cable winding machine, you combine several actions into a single process. Because a winding machine not only provides for the rapid winding and unwinding of cables, it can also – as a standard or optional feature – measure the cable's length during the winding operation. The rolled-up cable can then easily be cut to the desired length at the end of the winding process. Start the winding machines selection tool

Time savings

If you do not have a winding machine, then winding or unwinding long and/or heavy cables takes considerably more time. Especially if you want to measure the cable's length as well, the job becomes rather time-consuming. In that case, the cable must first be manually unwound, after which it must be measured and rewound. This not only takes a great deal of time, the process furthermore is not as 'clean'. This is because the cable is unwound on the ground and attracts visible, as well as invisible dirt.

Good logistics

However, a winding machine alone is not sufficient. To get the optimal returns from a machine like this requires the logistics process in your warehouse to be in order as well. Install the machine in a strategic area, preferably as close as possible near the stocked drums. In addition, it is important to have sufficient space around the machine and to ensure that it is easily accessible to the forklift truck. This also applies to the stocked drums. It must be easy for the forklift truck to pick them up. If you are working with a mobile cable winding machine, it is important to be able to easily move it and to have enough room to operate the machine near the rack(s) with stocked drums. It is important to carefully think through the logistics process. Effective logistics not only results in time savings, it also increases job satisfaction.

Well-organised order confirmation

Another area for attention that makes it possible to quickly and efficiently wind cables is having a clear (pre-printed) order confirmation. It is important that a worker at a single glance can see which cable is involved, the desired length, the client that placed the order and when it is supposed to be ready. Tip: if you are employing foreign workers, be sure to provide the order confirmation in multiple languages. It is also important to process the order confirmations in the correct sequence. If you need the same stocked drum for different orders, process them one immediately after the other. This way the stocked drums on the machine need to be replaced less often and of course that saves time as well.

Selection Tool

If you have a need for a winding machine to quickly and efficiently wind your cables, Venrooy Cable Equipment is the right place for you! But how do you know which machine is best for your company? To help you take a first step in the selection process, Venrooy Cable Equipment has developed a handy Selection Tool. Start the winding machines selection tool