How a cable winding machine can help you accomplish more work in the warehouse

How a cable winding machine can help you accomplish more work in the warehouse

'Time is money'. That statement applies to any company. A business operation stands or falls on the ability to work efficiently. That means accomplishing more work in less time. But how do you approach this as a cable wholesaler or as an electrical engineering firm? By deploying a winding machine in your warehouse you can achieve significant efficiency gains. A winding machine enables you to quickly and efficiently wind loose bundles on rings or drums, determine the desired length, cut cables to size and supply them according to customer specifications. If you do not have a winding machine, then the entire process must be performed manually: roll out the cable, measure it, cut it and neatly roll it back up again by hand. Start the winding machines selection tool

Less manpower

In principle, this manual process may be workable for a cable of limited length and diameter, and therefore a manageable weight. But if you need to wind a longer and/or heavier cable, it is difficult to accomplish that unaided. It requires extra hands that can only be present at one place at a time, as a result of which other work must wait. With a winding machine, it is possible for a single worker to process orders – large or small – quickly and efficiently. That saves a great deal of time. If you have many of these kinds of jobs each day, you'll see your profits rise!

Greater job satisfaction, reduced absence due to illness

Working with a winding machine is not only fast and efficient, it also increases the job satisfaction of the worker that uses the machine. In comparison with manually winding cables – without any aids – winding cables with a machine – manually or electrically driven – is ergonomically far more responsible. The ease with which a winding machine can be operated, without performing any heavy labour, motivates your employees to do their work with pleasure and to perform loads of work this way. And as you already know: a motivated employee is far more productive.

Customer friendly

Aside from the fact that a cable winding machine helps create greater job satisfaction for your employees, it also helps increase customer satisfaction. After all, what more could you ask for than when the 'ready-while-you-wait' time is as short as possible? Pleasant for your customer and your employee. Thanks to the efficient operation of a winding machine, the cable can be supplied in a short period of time according to specifications and perhaps occasionally with some time left over to enjoy a cup of coffee together. It doesn't get more customer friendly than this!

Selection Tool

If you have a need for a winding machine to quickly and efficiently wind your cables, Venrooy Cable Equipment is the right place for you! But how do you know which machine is best for your company? To help you take a first step in the selection process, Venrooy Cable Equipment has developed a handy Selection Tool. Start the winding machines selection tool